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As a consumer, choices surrounding the businesses that one patronizes have become more and more abundant with the growing number of entrepreneurs. YOUR Virtual Service Group has identified the communication gap between small business owners and consumers, and consequently developed a means to keep the two connected and continue to fuel the economy.

Via this Consumer Resource Network, YVSG pledges to communicate with you any updates, specials, events, giveaways, contests, and promotions associated with the trusted business owners listed in our YVN directory. Here are some reasons why consumers should take the pledge to frequent the Consumer Corner, support small businesses, and 'buy small':

Most sole business owners take a deep sense of pride in their work, thus yielding more quality and efficiency in their services/products

Small-operated businesses naturally recycle a larger share of revenue back into the economy, ultimately enriching the entire community

Small businesses are known to provide more personalized, high quality products/services

Entrepreneurship and the very promotion of it, serves as a key effect of families moving out of low wage jobs and into middle class

The YVN directory strongly promotes word-of-mouth referrals, and encourages feedback so that customers are able to openly share their experiences with one another

The YOUR Virtual Service Group Consumer Resource Network Pledge involves no sacrifice nor significant change in lifestyle to the participants. We simply encourage you to stop and consider "Buying Small" for all or most of your needs. Two times a year we will offer incentives to those who take the Pledge and use our FREE Directory of Exceptional Small Business owners. Consider registering your name on our Consumer List today and enjoy the benefits of the YVN Virtual Network. It takes a Village, in this case our Virtual Village!

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Consider registering your name on our Consumer List below, and enjoy the benefits of the YVN Virtual Network:

*Your name and email address will not be shared with the businesses in YVN or any other third party, and your information will only be used to inform you of opportunities to support small businesses and to participate in giveaways, promotions, and events. Thank you!

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